Making Two Birds

M1 and iOS Apps

There aren’t many details around about how iOS works on an M1 mac. Here are some things I have found: A promo code for an iOS app can’t be redeemed from the App Store on an M1 Mac Once redeemed on an iOS device under your Apple ID, you can then install it on your Continue reading

Making Two Birds: Audio

The audio in Two Birds One Stone is mostly just playing back a variety of samples, but some audio is generated in real time – this seemed to be the simplest way of having non-annoying audio for things that had unpredictable interactions with time – for example, the robot will “think” for as long as Continue reading

Making Two Birds: Making Levels

Level design for Two Birds One Stone is a bit different to other games because of the simplicity of the game, plus the goals of the game. This describes the process for generating lots of levels which don’t fall apart, have some estimate of difficulty, and how to sequence the levels so the game feels Continue reading

Making Two Birds: Fudge Factors

The purpose of a game is to be fun, and so whenever there was an opportunity to choose between “fun” and “realism”, then I sided with “fun”. If done well, then this can be invisible, and make players feel great. I have a recollection of reading about the Daytona arcade game that the physics engine Continue reading

Making Two Birds: Fixed Point

This app moved from a floating point to a fixed point physics engine, to ensure it behaved the same way on all platforms. The fixed point API The API for dealing with the fixed point numbers is pretty simple: The philosophy used is to just implement the functions needed, so while there is a “>” Continue reading

Making Two Birds: Tech Intro

Two Birds One Stone is a simple game available for iOS. The “Making Two Birds” articles talk about the parts of the technology I consider to be interesting for others. Even for such a simple game, I think there are a number of interesting things. Game Play This is what the game looks like: Details Continue reading